Hi! I’m Phil Seng, the owner and baker behind P.S. It’s Gluten Free. Thanks for browsing my bakery pages. I’m starting a much needed update of my web pages; please bear with me as information changes and pictures and items are added. If you have questions, please send me an email to info@psglutenfree.com.

I’ve been baking most of my life, and was pretty proud of my gluten-containing chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were so good, in fact, they probably helped meĀ  my wife. As luck would have it, sometime around 2008 she was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, and gave up gluten. I vowed to figure out how to remake my chocolate chips cookies for her–along with all the other things we loved to eat, and that began my gluten free baking adventure.

Of course, after giving up gluten we tried a ton of items from various grocery stores. Hardly any of them were what I’d call good, let alone delicious. I do not need to be gluten free, and I’m adamant that things I bake should taste good enough that other gluten-eaters would want to eat them.

After several years and a change of location, we decided that I’d try to sell some gluten free things at a local farmers’ market, and in 2014 I set up a canopy as P.S. It’s Gluten Free, LLC at the Old Cheney Road Farmers’ Market in Lincoln, Nebraska. That market is now called the Sunday Farmers’ Market at College View, and I’m still there during the season and holiday markets.

The state of Nebraska recently enacted a cottage food bill, and I now can sell to people anywhere in Nebraska. And since we began selling gluten free foods, I’ve adapted many recipes for dairy free and vegan diets. If you have questions about ingredients or whether recipes can be adapted to your needs, please email us your questions.


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